The Foundation Fitness Story

Here at Foundation Fitness, our mission is to inspire our clients, members and staff to join the #BeYourBest movement, which encourages continual self-improvement on a daily basis, starting in the gym. Foundation Fitness began as a personal training company back in 2009, built on our owner Lance LeTellier’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives. 

Lance developed a love for fitness while in high school and felt at home in the gym. After graduating from George Mason University, Lance began working as a personal trainer, subleasing space at his parent’s gym, and thus Foundation Fitness was born. He acquired the first location in Georgetown in 2010, and in 2011, took over a studio in Fairfax, VA and moved the subleased space into our current Annandale location.

In 2013, Lance purchased his previous boss’ business in Del Ray, and was able to turn that spot around to become profitable. Lance then headed out to Ashburn, VA, in 2016, and took over a studio there. In 2017, Foundation Fitness had it’s first go at a membership-based gym in Cleveland Park, complete with personal training and group training.

Later that same year, our Annapolis membership-based location opened, which offers complimentary childcare, a healthy drink station and snack bar, group classes, personal training, and more.

When Lance wanted to grow his business, he realized he could have an impact on not only just his clients, but his staff as well. In order to help more people, he hired additional personal trainers, training them to work with their clients using his exact same approach. 

Each trainer is very invested in their clients’ success; if clients have questions, need support or accountability outside of the session, the trainers go above and beyond to support them and help them achieve their goals. 

Foundation Fitness is an employee-owned business; each of the seven locations is it’s own individual company, but all of the studios work together in many areas to guide our clients along their own personal fitness journeys to a happier and healthier life.

There are opportunities within the company for our staff to work their way up into ownership and have a true impact on the success of their studio. Our staff members at each location are pushed to further their education, not only in personal training, but in leadership and relationship building, as well. 

We take pride in doing our best to provide clean facilities, upgraded equipment, motivating classes and well-trained employees. As Foundation Fitness has grown, Lance has continued to lead with the mentality of ensuring each staff member and client is being the best version of themselves.    

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