How to #BeYourBest & Healthiest Self

At Foundation Fitness, our daily mantra is #BeYourBest, and we practice this philosophy by starting in the gym every day. Being your best also includes working on ourselves through daily self-improvement techniques that are easy for anyone to put in motion. 


Our founder, Lance LeTellier, learned early that being in shape made his life much easier and enjoyable. Being able to do the things he loved made him a happier, and healthier, person. As his personal training business grew, so did his passion for helping people change their lives through fitness. Thus, the #BeYourBest movement began. 


Like most things that are well worth it, self-improvement takes time and commitment. It won’t happen overnight but, it definitely will if you practice it a little every day. Some ways to do this on a daily basis are to put your goals in writing, exercise regularly, practice gratitude, and be supportive. 

Practice Self-Care

You can’t practice self-improvement without also practicing self-care. Taking better care of yourself means living a healthy life, including eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, being part of a community, exercising daily, and scheduling the time for self-care. 

Limit Stress

Limiting stress is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will find that you sleep better, have less anxiety and depression, and it will boost your ability to be happy. Some of the best ways to limit stress are to set realistic goals, eliminate stress triggers, practice relaxation techniques, and the number one way, exercise. 

Take Care of Your Gut

One of the things that sometimes gets overlooked is the importance of our gut health. When we don’t consciously think about what we are feeding our gut, it can come back to us in the form of low energy, discomfort, illness, anxiety, and increase cancer risks. 

 “A gut bacteria imbalance sometimes causes health problems that may raise the risk of cancer. For instance, a diet high in meats and processed foods and lacking in fresh vegetables may damage gut flora and increase the risk of certain gastrointestinal cancers, including colorectal cancer.”

Through nutritional coaching and food planning, you can reverse bad gut habits and take control of your health and well-being. Here are a few good eating habits that you can start now:

1. Avoid/Limit Processed Sugars, Carbs, & Alcohols

These are the culprits that a bad gut needs to thrive. Sugars (including carbs and alcohol, which turn into sugars) are the fuels that allow bad bacteria to increase, causing inflammation that suppresses good bacteria’s growth. 

2. Add Food-Based Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are contained in healthy foods, like kombucha, kefir, yogurt, miso, sauerkraut, and kimchi. They are the food that good bacteria need to reproduce and protect your gut microbiome, the system that helps manage digestion and immunity. 

3. Add More Plant-Based Fiber

Fiber that is found in plants, fruits, and vegetables is prebiotic, stimulating the gut to grow more healthy bacteria. A few common prebiotic foods are asparagus, bananas, barley, oats, and apples. 

When you work with a nutrition coach or a personal trainer, they will provide personalized self-improvement plans that are the best for you. When you join the Foundation Fitness #BeYourBest community, nutritional coaching is included! 

Find the gym or studio nearest you, take a virtual tour, and sign up for a free nutritional coaching and fitness consultation with one of our #BeYourBest team members. We can’t wait to help you transform your life into your happiest!

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