Cleveland Park

What we do better than any gym, we believe, is our high quality member service. We have created a community here where our members are supported, cared for, and listened to!

How long have you been working at Foundation Fitness?

Our gym has been open since January, 1983 and I joined the Foundation Fitness family in August of 2017.

What makes your location unique?

First of all, we are unique because of our history.  We have been Cleveland Park’s Neighborhood Gym since 1993.  We are, in fact, a neighborhood gym.  We are considered the “Cheers” of fitness because we do know everyone’s name.    We have created a community here where our members are supported, cared for, and listened to!  We have longevity not just with our members but with our staff.  I have many staff that have worked for me for over 20 years!   Over the many years here we have held annual fundraisers for a variety of organizations, but over the last 10 years, for Girls On The Run DC.  We are now their longest standing sponsor and we raise enough money to support a school team.  We believe in giving back and our motto is: “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good!”   The gym has been a center for a variety of community activities that I helped organize including Cleveland Park Day, the Uptown Shuffle Dance Party, Sam’s Park-n-Shop Day and more.  We were the site of the launch of the Cleveland Park Village.  We organized our “Big Girls Sleep Over” for the Women’s March in 2017, where folks traveling from out of town for the March were able to sleep here.  We received donations from the neighborhood and even around the country.  Our neighbors donated sleeping bags, dinner, wine, breakfast, coffee, metro passes, water and more.  

Our location is unique also because of the look of the gym itself.  We have a beautiful facility with exposed brick, high ceilings, lots of natural light AND our beautiful outdoor Zen Garden Deck.  We are the longest standing tenant in this shopping center, which in and of itself is a historic landmark being the first park and shop center in the country.  

Why should people want to work out at Foundation Fitness? 

Besides everything mentioned above – the friendliness of our facility, the longevity of our staff, the beautiful facility including our outdoor deck and the fact that we have been here for so long and are not a fly by operation. Folks should want to work out here because they feel welcome here.  They should want to work out here because of our outstanding fitness classes, with instructors that have years of experience.  They should want to work out here because our facility is always clean and we do our best to cater to our members’ needs.  What we do better than any gym, we believe, is our high quality member service.  

What does it mean to BE YOUR BEST? 

“Be Your Best” to me means making the world a better place.  Contributing to the betterment of society.  Giving back whenever and wherever you can.  Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If we are to inspire others to be their best versions of themselves, then we better be the best version of ourselves.   As my role of Owner here I strive to be my best by example.  I strive to be my best by providing my members with the quality and friendliness of service they deserve.  I strive to be my best by listening not just to my members but to my valued staff.  They have their ears to the ground.  They hear what the members are saying.  They are my front line.  I strive to be my best by supporting my staff as best as I can.  Finally, Be Your Best, for me means providing a high quality fitness class for my participants and leading safe and effective Personal Training sessions for my clients.  Finally, as Owner, Be Your Best, means keeping my business alive and fiscally healthy without losing our identity!

What is your FOUNDATION?

My Foundation is LOVE – both in receiving and in giving.  My family and friends provide the main source of love but it goes beyond that.  I believe in loving all people regardless of our differences.  Loving life and living life to the fullest.  If everything we do we do from the foundation of love, in my humble opinion, we can do no wrong. I believe that: It is in giving that we receive.  

Quote: As Mohammad Ali said:  Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth.