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If one on one training is a bit pricey but you don’t want to be in a large high intensity bootcamp class, then we have the answer for you. Small Group training is structured the same as one on one but is done with 2-4 people.

This bring the cost down but still allows our trainers to give you the attention you need when first starting a program. Sometimes we will recommend a few one on one sessions to get you comfortable, and then put you into a small group of people with the same goals as you!

Client Stories

  • "After the birth of my first child, I was struggling with not only carrying extra weight, but also adjusting to a new routine of going back to work, raising a family, and finding time to exercise. I was frustrated and self-conscious and felt like I couldn't stick with a workout or diet regime. I found Kevin and Foundation Fitness by searching online and saw that the location was in-between my office and home. I decided to meet and have a consultation, and I'm so grateful I went out of my comfort zone and did this! Kevin met with me to discuss my goals and did a prelim assessment and sample training session. I was hooked. I began working out with him once a week, and then was able to increase to twice a week. At the same time, we reviewed nutrition and he gave me some goals to hit as far as water, protein and calorie intake- which was easy to follow. At each session he would ask me how the diet was going and would offer suggestions. The workouts are tough- and he has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone, instilling confidence and strength. I not only experienced weight loss in pounds and inches, but also felt stronger, happier, and more confident. Workouts are always changing and becoming more and more challenging- and I look forward to our sessions- they are a great stress relief and I love the challenge! Beyond weight loss, I wanted to get healthier- and Kevin has gotten me there. I even got pregnant again and continued our workouts together (with doctor's approval) until just weeks before my delivery. I appreciate Kevin's friendly demeanor combined with his ability to modify workouts (especially with a growing baby belly!) to keep me healthy and challenged- all at the same time. I would (and do!) recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking to make a change and invest in themselves!"

    Tiffany - Fairfax VA

  • “I first met Lance before he became a Certified Personal Trainer, and watched him train my son as his first client. I have seen him grow as a trainer and find him a great motivator. He helps you meet your goals and has the delightful ability to push you to your limit, making you suffer, while being highly entertaining and making you look forward to more of the same! He has been a great mentor and example to my son as his Olympic style weightlifting coach. I would recommend Lance as a trainer to any person of any age. He is a pleasure to work with, is knowledgeable in the art and science of training, and is determined to ensure all his clients meet their personal goals.”

    Elise - Annandale

  • Tiffany - Fairfax VA
  • Elise - Annandale VA

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