Be ready for some LIVE classes and MORE YouTube classes added to our channel.

LIVE:  Our Monday/Friday 7:30 a.m. Morning Stretch with Beth will continue so please get yourself up early and join the rest of us with this nice 30 minute class to get you ready for your day.

LIVE:  Natalie will offer  Align and Flow Yoga class Monday, April 27 at 12 noon!

LIVE:  Beth will offer  Slow Flow Yoga Wednesday, April 29 at 10:45 a.m.

NEW:  LeeAnne has offered us another great Muscle Fitness class – Muscle Fitness 2.0 –  using her cans of garbanzo and black beans but also some light weights and this time – a CHAIR!

NEW: Vivian is back by popular demand with her 20/20/20 workout!  It is actually split into 3 videos; 20/20/20 PART I – Low Impact Aerobics; 20/20/20 PART II – Step Aerobics; 20/20/20 PART III – Muscle Toning.

NEW: Kethia has provided us with her version of Slow Flow Yoga with her 70 minute class.

COMING SOON: Sara is happy to offer her new and popular BoldBox class.   She will be uploading her video soon!

COMING SOON: A Pilates workout with Kethia provides you with a slightly different workout from Vivian’s, giving all of us the variety we need with our workouts.

Remember for the YouTube channel:

SEARCH FOR:  Foundation Fitness Cleveland Park
CLICK ON:  Videos

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If you are doing a LIVE class, just go to the channel and the LIVE class will show up at the right time.  Sometimes it takes a minute to catch up to real time but be patient, it does show up.

I want to extend a special thanks to our instructors who have continued to work hard to keep you working out!  Having done a few myself, you have no idea how hard it is to actually record a class.  It might not look like it, but they are working hard!  So big applause for all my wonderful, dedicated instructors for their hard work!  We could not have had a successful YouTube channel without your help and support.

Missing everyone



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