This Saturday, May 30, at 11 a.m., we will be celebrating the installation of our new, Foundation Fitness, neon sign!   While it will not be possible for us to have the celebration I had in mind, originally scheduled for May 2 in conjunction with our annual Fitness Fiesta, we can still celebrate -“ALONE/TOGETHER”.

Keeping with the Phase I “stay-at-home light” restrictions, and with only 10 participants, we will keep our distance and wear masks (except when speaking).   I am thrilled that celebrating with me and Lance will be one of our longest standing members (1993!)  along with one or two of my longest standing staff (1987 and 1990!).

PLEASE celebrate with us by watching this LIVE on any of these 3 sources – our YouTube channel (Foundation Fitness Cleveland Park), my Facebook page or Foundation Fitness Facebook page.   Stay tuned to the very end for a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!

As many of you know, Foundation Fitness owner/founder Lance LeTellier partnered with my company, Fit Physique, Inc. in August 2016.  This partnership has enabled us to remain strong and independent while being connected to a wider network of resources, experience, and financial support.   The new sign has been long overdue.  When you walk by, take a glance up.  It looks beautiful.

If you tune in, we will also give our members a tour of the upgrades we have made at the gym while closed and a look at our growing beautiful Zen Garden!  If you can’t tune in, the video will be uploaded for future viewings on our YouTube channel.
Go to:;
Search for: Foundation Fitness Cleveland Park;
Click on: Logo
Click on:  Videos

Under Phase I restrictions, we are not allowed to open, although outdoor exercise with 10 or less is allowed.  Some members have inquired about an outdoor class on our deck.  While prior to the full shutdown, we held an outdoor Yoga class, it was not held at the gym on our Deck.  For safety reasons, we are going to keep the gym entirely closed until the city moves us into Phase II.

Please know that we are working on all the necessary safety precautions necessary once we do reopen.  A full email detailing all the steps and procedures put in place will be sent as we get closer to a reopening.  In anticipation of some of the restrictions, especially with group exercise classes, we have installed a TV on the fitness floor between the speakers (NO CABLE CONNECTIONS) so our members can access our videos and experience as close to a live class as possible.  We hope that everyone can be patient and understanding as we work on the daunting tasks of how to manage the classes, the use of the fitness floor, the restricted number of members in at any one time and so much more.

We also realize that many of us will feel a lot of anxiety coming out of our shells and returning to the gym.  One important way to prepare is to start to visualize what that will look like and feel like for you and try to imagine every step of the way.  Talk yourself through it.  As welcoming as it will be to reopen, it will also be challenging for all of us.  One step at a time and together we will manage.  As Professor Hickie of the Brain and Mind Center in Sydney Australia discussed, “our mental health is better when we are..socially connected.  Anxiety leads to avoidance which only heightens our fears.”

We are continuing to offer our Monday and Friday 7:30 a.m. Stretch classes LIVE with Beth.  Our Yoga class with Natalie is also LIVE on Mondays at noon and Beth’s Wednesday LIVE Yoga class has been moved to 11 a.m.  Please join them (and me!) and enjoy another way of being Alone/Together.

Stay connected, stay safe, stay well!

Still missing everyone…


Do not forget to join us and tune in: SATURDAY, MAY 30, 11 A.M. 

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