We are tremendously excited to unveil some beautiful upgrades that have been accomplished during the shutdown.  This work had originally been planned over the Easter weekend.  In the back weight room, you can see that we have protected our walls a little better with this really cool aluminum kick plate material.  It looks amazing and will prevent any future holes or marks on our walls, which have been freshly touched up!  We put this in all the sensitive areas like the kettle bell area, body bar corner and where our 45 lb plates rest.  However, you will notice it is also protecting the wall by the weight crates on the fitness floor, where our shoji screens rest when not in use, and by the coat racks.  It is both functional and beautiful!   You might also notice the neatly tied up cords by our treadmills.

Then there is the fitness floor.  We are so fortunate to have been awarded a Robust Retail Grant from our local government which covered the refinishing of our fitness floor.  It looks like a brand new floor so be prepared to be asked to be extra careful with your weights and steps.

You may also notice that the office was recently been given a face lift with a new coat and color of paint and a new wood floor (gray carpeting gone!) also covered with this grant.   This is our little silver lining during this crisis.

Again, I want to thank you, our members, for all your support during this time.  It does sound like there is a lot of talk about gyms being among the first to reopen.  Of course, there will be a lot of restrictions, one of which I am sure will be the number of folks in at any one time.  That means that full sized classes will be last on the list to re-start.  However, we are planning on having a TV on the Fitness Floor (between the 2 speakers) that can ONLY access YouTube channels – NO CABLE TV. This will allow members to come in and take one of our YouTube classes, perhaps with a few (FEW) other members, until we get back to whatever normal will look like.

As always, please email me if you have any questions or concerns, if you want to borrow any equipment or if you want to be included in the Month for Month credit.

It saddens us to miss our annual Fitness Fiesta Girls On The Run-DC Fundraiser.  However, our flowers are blooming, even more will be planted and when the time is right, we will find a way to “party with a purpose”.  Until then…keep exercising, stay safe and well!

Missing everyone,



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