Are you stressed out? Maybe a little achy or sore? Say hello to Peggie, our in-house massage therapist, who is here to help you feel better and be your best!

“Helping people to feel better in their bodies and move more freely fuels my passion for massage therapy,” she said.

You can usually find Peggie located just beyond the front desk with a welcoming smile and her massage chair ready to assist you with a free chair massage.

“Why do I give free seated massage at the gym? Usually it’s better after a workout, where you can release excess tension that is fueling already present tension.” she said. “The release is refreshing for you and you have greater range of motion. There are exceptions – pain that would prevent you from having a successful workout. That’s when I focus directly where the pain is, gradually and gently as possible, as the tissue releases and you’re in better shape to work out.