Ashburn Client Spotlight: Ron C.

Ron Cowan is an original client of Foundation Fitness in Ashburn and has trained at the location since it launched three years ago. During that time, he’s seen not only seen the makeover of the gym firsthand but he’s also seen a transformation in himself.

Ron chose Foundation Fitness’ A.J. Perez to mainly help him with upper body strength – and he’s turned into a pull-up machine and has bench press numbers have increased significantly. The 70-year-old recently retired IT executive has been an avid runner and swimmer for years, so his workouts are also designed to keep him injury free in those pursuits while focusing on his strength goals.

“If anyone is looking whether to spend money on a personal trainer, yes you should,” Ron said. “It’s your time. It’s your body. It’s your goal. A.J. makes it fun. A.J. is interested in me and making sure I reach my goals.”

Ron sat down with Foundation Fitness after a recent session to talk a little more about his experience with us.

Why’d you choose to train with Foundation Fitness?

“I’m a member of a big-box gym and I wanted personal trainer, but not one like you’d see at one of those big gyms. They don’t care about your own particular needs. I wanted somebody who was into functional fitness, something that’d be useful to me. I saw A.J.’s background in training hockey players and being one himself that, so that intrigued me.”

What were you initial impressions?

“What I really liked was the fact that A.J. asked me a lot of questions and didn’t question my goals. We immediately started to do a lot different things. It was exciting to me that he was able to bring so many different types of exercises – and fit them into one hour. The hour long sessions always go by really quickly. While we do a lot of different routines, A.J. never forgets about the main goals, like improving the bench press.”

Why did you want work on that specific exercise?

“I was tired of never getting beyond 135 pounds. I figured, ‘Let me just ask A.J.’ We weren’t concentrating on that, but if we did that would work and it has. For my body type, it’s slow but we are up to 165 (over the last several months).”

What are your favorite exercises?

“I wouldn’t say ‘favorite,’ but what are the challenging ones that I know are good for me? So, take pull-ups. I could only do a couple and now we are up to 61 in four minutes. Then there are the battle ropes because they kill me. I had also never touched a kettlebell. They can gas you pretty quickly and you can do stuff with them that you can’t do with a dumbbell or barbell.”

What do you tell others about Foundation Fitness?

“You won’t progress at a big gym doing stuff you think is right for you because you saw some exercises on the internet. You really need somebody to analyze you and suggest – including nutrition – how to bring it all together. You need to trust a trainer enough not question whether a workout is useful because, with A.J., it’s all been useful.”

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