Alexandria Client Spotlight: Nicole Q.

Our clients come to us for many reasons. They want to look better, feel better, build muscle, lose weight, recover from a surgery — the list goes on.

When Nicole came to Foundation Fitness in November 2019, she wanted it all.

After two run-ins with breast cancer between the ages of 24 and 29, chemotherapy, radiation and a bilateral mastectomy, Nicole — now in remission — knew it was time to regain the mental and physical strength she lost during her battle. 

Q: What was your fitness history like before coming to Foundation Fitness?

A: For five years, before coming to Foundation Fitness, physical fitness took a backseat to breast cancer. My focus was on getting through chemo, recovering from surgery and healing from radiation. After that, my focus shifted to mental health for the next couple of years, and during that time, my relationship with my body took a hit. 

Prior to breast cancer, I was athletic, passionate about running, yoga and soccer. Afterwards, I felt weaker from my experience, and was struggling with the side effects of hormone therapy. Finally, I realized it was time for a big change, and that I would need help making that change. 

Q: What made you decide to seek out a personal trainer?

A: I had never had a personal trainer before, but because of my experience and surgical history, I wanted to work with an experienced professional who could not only get me back in shape physically, but also keep me motivated through what I knew would be a challenging process. 

Q: What brought you to Foundation Fitness?

A: My husband and I had just moved to Alexandria, VA, and I spent some time researching different local gyms and trainers, and took a few consultation phone calls and meetings. Foundation Fitness was just the perfect fit. 

Because it’s a smaller gym, it felt less intimidating than others, and it had a great energy and personal feel about it. In that first consultation, we talked in depth about my personal health and fitness history. They listened and respected my concerns and assured me that they take post-surgical situations very seriously. While I had goals for myself, they clearly had their own goals for me, and I could immediately tell they were as committed as I was — perhaps even more so. 

Q: What has your experience been like so far at Foundation Fitness?

I’ve been training with CJ now for about three months, and they’ve been some of the most empowering of my life. 

CJ has quickly become a great friend, and exactly what I need in a personal trainer. He doesn’t take no for an answer, he doesn’t tolerate excuses or self-doubt, and is tough in ways I know I need. At the same time, he’s encouraging, motivating and unceasingly supportive. 

In three months I’ve gotten noticeably stronger, I see improvements each week, and am noticing new muscle development that has me constantly eager to get to my next session. 

Q: What are your biggest goals? 

A: My goals were broad when I started at Foundation Fitness. I knew I wanted to lose weight (I had gained around 20 pounds over the course of two years), I wanted to look better and regain confidence. But mostly, I wanted to feel strong and healthy again — something I had not felt in quite some time. 

In one of our early sessions, CJ had me write a goal on a white board. Mine was easy: “I’m working toward a body that’s as strong as I am.” I’m looking forward to achieving that goal! 

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