Client Video Testimonials

Dave M.
Goals: Lose weight, get stronger.

Sue L.
Goals: Get healthier and increase strength.

Toni B.
Goals: Competitive Olympic weightlifter.

John K.
Goals: Lose weight, build muscle.

Barbara K.
Goals: Lose weight, strengthen back.

Elizabeth M.
Goals: Losing weight and staying healthy.

Jane B.
Goals: Staying in shape and pushing to the next level.

Dick H.
Goals: Retired, recreational golfer and tennis player.

Judy H.
Goals: Stay in shape and get better at golf and tennis.

Susie J.
Goals: Lose weight and stay healthy.

“I Did Exercises I Haven’t Done in Years”

“I was quite leery and reluctant to work with a trainer, thinking they’d either be too soft, too inflexible, or too ignorant about training, muscle development, etc. Wrong on all counts. In a short time (I had an internal clock on performance), Foundation Fitness showed they know how to train people (even semi-intense people like me) and how to implement that knowledge. My trainer in particular, Jason Sturgis, is professional, personable, and best of all, dedicated. He wants you to succeed at least as much you do (or should), or so it seems. That’s a good thing–a service provider who cares about providing the best service imaginable. Further, Jason keeps it interesting–the workouts never feel stale or redundant, and he’s had me doing exercises that I haven’t been bold enough to do for years. On the other hand, I know that he tailors workouts to meet each particular client’s needs, goals, and abilities. If you want to invest in yourself, do it right and sign up with Jason & Co. Foundation Fitness provides your best value.”
-John B.


Client Testimonials

Ron Ball

Goals: Become a stronger cyclist, set new personal records

A former east coast drummer, who worked, uncredited, out of Manhattan with many artists including Genya Raven,Twisted Sister and Billy Idol. I had quit smoking fourteen years when diagnosed with inoperable forth stage tongue cancer that spread, over the next  five years, to the neck, lung and lymph node. High dose Chemotherapy, radiation, esophageal surgery and the removal of the middle lobe of the right lung caused reduced lung capacity and a windpipe that shrunk to the size of a straw and decimated my body.

The desire to stay alive, see my son graduate high school and bike the thirty-five mile round trip commute to work everyday lead me to the gym where I fashioned together a willy-nilly weight lifting regime and had a chance meeting with Patrick Bresley. I liked him right away. A genuinely nice guy. He listened to my story intently and asked the right questions including “what are your goals?”. I thought about it for a second and said, “I want to be a good looking, well built, sexy, sixty-five year old, long distance,endurance fast biking four time cancer survivor”. He said, while thoughtfully nodding his head and squinting at me, “Alright” and gave me some free advice on how to burn fat without losing muscle. I knew this guy could help me. I thought, “if anybody can, he could get everything possible out of what was left of my body.” I asked if he would train me for the up coming biking season. He said he would and found a place for me in his schedule starting right away to take advantage of the winter months. My personal goals included: body augmentation in weight management, muscle building, increased lung and aerobic capacity and improved endurance and speed on the bike.

Patrick, an inspiring trainer who makes you want him to be proud of your effort, has pushed me to achieve maximum results and through his personal commitment to my success, made me feel like I’m working out with a concerned, knowledgeable friend, not a paid trainer. Patrick has helped me achieve my goals of a high energy life style and turned my disorganized motivation into a six month training regime that builds muscle and burns fat. He pushed me, when I was ready, just beyond the point where I THINK “that’s it, no more”, then later, beyond that point, to VO2 MAX, the top lung capacity. He wanted me to gain weight, build muscle and burn fat and so far, I’m feeling very good. I’ve gone from 148 pounds to 167 with very little fat. My shirts are too tight, my girlfriend thinks I look great, the girls at work cluck over me and I feel confident and fit.My biking is stronger, the average speeds and effort levels don’t lie.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life and currently training with Patrick three times a week. Please feel free to contact me through this site with any questions, I’ll be glad to share with you, my experience.

Paul W.
Corporate Executive
Goals: Weight loss, improve health

I was over 50 and hadn’t worked out with any intensity in, well let’s just say, in a “long time”, and was feeling every bit middle aged, lamenting over it and not doing much about it either.   My thoughtful and considerate wife noticed and decided to nudge me along.  For our 23rd anniversary, she wrote me a beautiful poem and somehow worked Foundation Fitness, Jason Sturgis, personal training, and a gift series of trial sessions into the composition.   It was amazing, and it worked!  Thus began my association with Foundation Fitness and Jason.  Granted, the first few months were challenging but slowly both my body and attitude began to adjust.    Today both my wife and I are doing 3 sessions a week with Jason, in the mornings no less, and reaping the benefits of healthier lifestyles as well as enjoying the camaraderie of the entire Foundation Fitness staff.   I’m wearing clothing I’ve not had on in some time and have even gotten a few flattering comments on my appearance.  While I’ve been unable to do anything about my 50+ status, I’ve seen a significant difference in my health, appearance, attitude and wellbeing.    Under the tutelage of my Foundation Fitness trainer, I’ve seen my stamina, strength and endurance go up and my waistline go down.    Regardless of your physical station in life, I highly recommend Foundation Fitness to get you where you want to go with your health, keep you there and help you get the most out of life.

Bernadette O.
Corporate Business Woman
Goals: Staying healthy, strength training, increasing flexibility

“I started working with Jason last year and am very pleased with the results of the training schedule that he put together to meet my individual fitness needs. Jason has a unique understanding of human anatomy and physiology and uses this knowledge base to craft a work out schedule and program that meets the needs of the individual, even in a group training session. He monitors progress, makes appropriate adjustments when needed and provides encouragement along the way. Lastly, he makes it fun, I laugh a lot and have made a lot of progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a fitness counselor.”

Elise C.
Mother of 2
Goals: Weight Loss, strength training

“I first met Lance before he became a Certified Personal Trainer, and watched him train my son as his first client. I have seen him grow as a trainer and find him a great motivator. He helps you meet your goals and has the delightful ability to push you to your limit, making you suffer, while being highly entertaining and making you look forward to more of the same! He has been a great mentor and example to my son as his Olympic style weightlifting coach. I would recommend Lance as a trainer to any person of any age. He is a pleasure to work with, is knowledgeable in the art and science of training, and is determined to ensure all his clients meet their personal goals.”

Tiffany H.
High School Counselor
Goals: Achieving the highest stanard of fitness

“John Arnold has been my Personal Trainer at Foundation Fitness for over six months. During this time, John has helped me to develop realistic and functional fitness goals based on my history of several injuries and sports related surgeries. Not only has he increased my strength, his workouts focus on injury prevention and correction of form during activities. His knowledge and expertise provides custom instruction and information that previous doctors and physical therapists did not provide for me. I look forward to each workout and hate when I have to miss an appointment and reschedule! The workouts are fun, innovative, very challenging and never the same. His techniques and philosophy are current with the industry and his personal approach is both understanding and motivating to the client. Not only do I get an exceptionally demanding workout, I learn something each time I meet with John. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness and health!”

Marcia D.
University Librarian, Professor
Goals: Weight loss, increase muscular endurance

“I am not a fan of exercise. In fact, I don’t even like to sweat! But working with Jason makes getting in shape something I actually look forward to. I enjoy the variety of exercises I do and best of all I can see the result of all my hard work. I am very grateful I’m working out on a regular basis now.”

Pamela M.
High School Principal, Mother of 3
Goals: Staying healthy, strength training

“For the past five months, I have been working out with Jason Sturgis, Foundation Fitness owner and trainer. His dedication to increasing my strength and fitness level have been encouraging and I see and feel the difference! Training is a great way to improve overall health and wellness. I never knew I could accomplish so much in 45 minutes. With a continuous effort to push me to the next level, Jason challenges me to exert myself beyond what I think I can do. Thanks to him, I am always successful. During each focused session, I experience a workout that is just right for me and leave energized. The results are motivating. Thanks!”

Patrick C.
Real Estate Agent
Goals: Strengthen lower back to alleviate constant pain, train for 5k

“Dear Lance,When I first stepped foot into your gym in September of 2009 I could barely walk (literally walked in hunched over) due to MAJOR lower back issues. I had suffered from an injury over 20 years ago and my back has never been the same since. Over the course of those 20 years I have had several episodes with my back that caused pain. However, none were like my last episode in when I practically crawled into your gym last September. Thanks to your knowledge and expert training I am better than I have ever been. Today I have NO pain, I am walking straight, and honestly think I may actually be cured. I thought I would never get through this last episode and thought surgery was the only way! You trained me in a way that slowly brought me back to 100%. I am running 15 miles per week, training several times per week with you, and I can even do 20 pull ups. Not bad for a 41 year old! Thank you Lance for what you have done for my back, body, soul, and mind! I will recommend you to all my friends, family, clients, and anyone I know. You are the best!”

Scott R.
Small Business Owner, Father of  2
Goals: Just Staying in shape and being healthier

“Foundation Fitness provides the highest level of service at some of the most affordable rates around. My trainer, Jason Sturgis, is professional and personable. He constantly varies my workout so that every day there is a new routine. The workouts never feel stale or redundant. He motivates without being heavy-handed or condescending. Jason works with me to define achievable goals and develops workouts that get me there. Foundation Fitness’ nutritionist provides realistic plans that are easy to follow and keep me on track. The support is not limited to the gym. Jason keeps in touch with me throughout the week offering support and inspiration. If you want to invest in yourself Foundation Fitness provides your best value.”

Walter K.
Retired, Father of 2
Goals: Get stronger,  stay healthy, improve flexibility

When I moved from Germany to Annandale two years ago, I found Foundation Fitness pretty much by accident. After two years I am still a regular client. I was impressed by the personalized attention I received right from the beginning. During a very thorough assessment my fitness status was identified and a program was set up that best fit my goals.

I am especially pleased with my personal trainer John who never gets tired leading me in the right direction. He knows how to keep the workouts interesting and how to challenge me and never forgets about my lower back issues. I can say that I have made enormous progress and “feel stronger every day”.

I am very happy I found the right place for me and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to seriously get into shape with the help of excellent fitness experts in a fun atmosphere.


Massage Therapy Testimonials

Nahida H.

Andrew did an awesome job today…. I wish I could see him once a week….

HE DOES HAVE THE MAGIC TOUCH….. my jaw feels so much better in just one session….

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