Bodyweight Circuit Training


Circuit Training:

Body Weight Style – By Jason Sturgis

How Do I Squeeze In An Extra Workout?

Summertime is just around the corner and you’re trying to get in a few extra workouts. Consequently, you spend so much time trying to squeeze in routines at the gym that you end up driving yourself crazy and not giving yourself enough time to do anything at all! Instead of allowing this to happen – BE PROACTIVE and BE PRACTICAL! Come up with two or three workouts that can be done at your own house. By developing two or three workouts, you give yourself the ability to choose what you want to do and keep it entertaining and challenging all at the same time! In this video I quickly demonstrate a few exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts using a suspension trainer


Isn’t Working Out at Home Expensive?

Working out at home can often seem impossible because people always think that the only way to exercise is with a five thousand dollar home gym. This is from the truth! Depending on what you are willing or able to spend, you can get away with spending $150 – $300 for a nice set-up that will more than meet your needs.



Try This Out!

Try using the 75/25 rule. The first 75% of your exercises you will use ONLY your body weight and the other 25% can be accomplished with an inexpensive selection of dumbbells and resistance bands. If you are a fairly strong individual, then resistance bands will most definitely be a cheaper alternative to dumbbells. For all the guys out there that think resistance bands are “for women” keep thinking that; then when your significant other surpasses you in the strength department feel free to blame me – you’ve been warned!



Stay tuned for a review on our recommended equipment for home use as well as an upper body routine using the 75/25 rule.  You’ll be able to do this workout at your home, your office or even outside when the weather gets nicer. Until next time, stay Fit my friends!

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